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A studio that lives on the cloud, with its feet on the ground.
9133 - more than just
a design studio
Our studio is a getaway – a safe space nestled amidst the tree shaded lanes of Kolkata. We like to think of our studio as a respite, where creativity flows, unbound.
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9133 and Ananya are excellent to work with. I have had the pleasure to work with Ananya right since 9133s inception and have seen the mature into a high quality studio and practice. I strongly encourage brands to consider 9133 as the partner of choice for their design needs.

Jai Kejriwal
Managing Director
Saffron Cup Teamakers

Over the last 8 years, 9133 Design has been instrumental in not only helping us create our brand, the logo, and end to end packaging, but has also helped us navigate the tricky questions on the business end. Ananya looks into each client personally, and the thing I appreciate most about her is that she is always honest in her feedback. To merge business aspects with pure and effortless design is no easy feat, but the 9133 Design team does a stellar job. We love that we can share any ideas, big or small with Ananya, and she will always be honest and insightful about her feedback, so that we never take a misstep. We love working with 9133 Design because they make the complicated world of design so simple for us, but most of all, we love the incredible amount of appreciation we get from our customers for the way our products stand out – and that too, with a competitive commodity like tea!

Upasana Todi Prakash
Wah Tea & The Lodge at Wah

Easy communication, nailing my half eloquent briefs, working on my sometime crazy deadlines and making sure the final output is 100% satisfactory, are only some of the reasons why we love 9133! Ananya's attention to detail is unparalleled, covering all touch points from the product appearance to the eventual consumer experience. She is always updated with current design trends and new material and print techniques which has helped Oh Cha remain relevant with each new product launch. Being a gifting focussed brand, the look of our products is important and we've never had a client who hasn't mentioned how pretty our packaging is! 9133 has been an integral part of the Oh Cha team and culture since its conceptualisation. 4 years later, we cannot imagine the brand without their aesthetics. 

Pallavi Kanoi
Oh Cha, Kolkata

Thottam Farm Fresh was created to connect small-holder farmers directly to consumers so that they can get access to healthy, wholesome and pure food. Ananya and her team developed our entire brand aesthetic, including packaging design and website design. We’ve been collaborating with their team for over two years now and we (and our customers) love the work they’ve done for our brand. We hope to continue this collaboration for several years to come.

Nikhil George
Thottam Farm Fresh, Kochi

It’s been a pleasure working with Ananya and the team at 9133. What we love about her work is her strong sense of design, totally in sync with ours! We are glad that she was on board with us on this exciting journey.

Vinita and Vaidehi Kedia
Mudrika Silver, Kolkata

We tasked Ananya and team to develop a product that would stand out on the shelf in the category where our medicine would be most likely displayed and she was able to craft a solution that would work from Australia to Germany. Ananya’s analytical mind combined with great design ability was pivotal in executing the project to each of our expectations. She is a consummate professional backed by great creative nous.

Aditya Kumar
Business Development
Tenshi Life Sciences, Bangalore