A Superfood A Day

Art Direction
A cookbook brimming with vibrant recipes and a playful culinary spirit.
A Cookbook for Growing Children - "A Superfood A Day" is a culinary journey that brings together the innovative and traditional culinary expertise of a modern-age grandmother and a nutrition-conscious mother. This collaboration is aimed at creating nutritious, yet delicious meals that cater to both adults and children, giving kids a voice in their food choices.

The brief

  • Design a cookbook that balances the whimsical and the practical, reflecting the playful spirit of childhood while maintaining clarity and ease of use for adults.
  • Kids develop a mind of their own at a young age! While parents might be convinced with the recipes and the cookbook – it needed  to become the go to for kids themselves.
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The strategy

To achieve our objectives, we adopted a multi-faceted design approach that combined playful illustrations with clean, user-friendly layouts.

  • Creating something that feels wholesome, not overwhelming for new/ young mothers.
  • Incorporating illustration into a book with flexible layouts also created a sense of fun for both mom and kids alike.
  • Making the book cover POP. Bright, bold and attractive so that it called out to our audience in crowded bookshelves.
Playful Illustrations and Imagery for Enhanced Engagement

We developed a series of playful, colorful illustrations featuring superfoods as friendly mascots. These mascots not only make the cookbook visually appealing but also help educate children about the importance and benefits of each superfood.

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Clean and Playful Design

The layout of the cookbook was designed to be clean, minimalistic, and visually appealing. The illustrations were overlaid on top of casually art directed imagery to create aesthetic pages that are easy to read and navigate. For the typography, we chose Freude, a playful and chunky font to complement the whimsical illustrations. This was paired with Greycliffe, a simple sans-serif  for readability and consistency throughout the cookbook.

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Social Media Launch

A brand is only as strong as the community it can create. To support the beautiful book launch event, social media hype was a must! To keep a consistent and playful vibe alive, a series of engaging posts and reels were created for the cookbook launch. This included a detailed yet comprehensive Social Media guide highlighting informational posts balanced with recipe reels and book teasers. Young mothers are easily overwhelmed, and we wanted to ensure that our social media presence answered their questions in an easy yet engaging manner. Check out the community here.

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