Welcome to the intersection of art, heart, and business

We are a multidisciplinary design studio based in Kolkata and Pune that uses a careful balance of strategy, creativity, and emotion to create a new wave of brands that look beautiful, stand for something, and hold their own against legacy players.

Welcome to the intersection of art, heart, and business!

91: The code for India, whose brand landscape we are proud to be transforming
33: The code for where our founder hails from, where our colourful HQ is located
Our team is tight-knit with diverse skill sets, backgrounds, opinions, perspectives and area codes. We’re measured in the projects we work on and the people we do it with. We collaborate with founders who want to build brands with meaning, dig deep to understand their vision, and translate it into brand identities that  are meaningful and look seamlessly beautiful.
We speak our minds. Put in the legwork. Invest a piece of our heart in everything we create. And have a lot of fun doing it.
the creative club
Meet our diverse team of designers, strategists, and excited experimentalists who define our work, play, and everyday.
Our Founder and Creative Director, Ananya Tantia is a multidisciplinary designer with a combined degree in Industrial Design (RISD, 2011) and Graphic Design (Parsons, 2016). The studio is an amalgamation of her love for the third dimension with her passion for paper and print. You will usually find Ananya in a meeting giving out advice she rarely follows, and finding innovative ways to consume sugar while staying healthy!

Ananya Tantia

Our Pune Team Lead Namrata Mantri, is a brand and identity designer from Srishti. She’s known for her work on graphic props for some super cool films and commercials. When not immersed in the world of design, you’ll find her indulging in her love for movies, whipping up an elaborate meal in the kitchen, or catching up on some much-needed sleep. But her true superpower? Hosting epic game nights and concocting fun cocktails that bring people together like nothing else.

Namrata Mantri

Team Lead, 9120
Whether it’s in the serenity of a sunset or surrounding herself with colours, Revati finds pleasure in the simplicity of life. She is always on the lookout for ways to embrace the ‘random’ in her work, and life! You’ll often find her exploring the hottest food and drink places in town. Alternatively, she might be unleashing her free spirit on the dance floor!

Revati Mathur

Rutuja is a designer passionate about crafting for screens, spaces, and products. She finds joy in photographing light, shadows, materials, and composition. Beyond design, she revels in gardening and reading, drawing inspiration from everyday moments and aligning objects and frames compulsively.

Rutuja Padwal

An energy bubble who is always looking out to see what is her next adventure. Our UI/UX Ninja – when she is not experimenting within the different spaces of design, she’s probably scouting for the next place to go eat at or travel to!

Rhea Gill

Dhwani is a multitasking designer from Hyderabad who expresses herself through visual storytelling driven by her passion for films. She finds patterns in the most unexpected spaces, creating unique concepts. You’ll always find her planning her weekends with multiple trips to the theater, or contemplating which hobby to adopt for the month. Currently .– Plants!

Dhwani Shrivastava

An athlete by morning (and evening), Akshita hits mid day by the time she takes over as Studio Manager at 9133 at 9am. The go to for planning timelines, keeping check on our team and working with our clients for a seamless experience, she is our one man army.

Akshita Bajoria

what we do

Brand Strategy

Defining your brand’s unique positioning and stance.

Brand Communication

Defining your brand’s unique positioning and stance.

Visual Identity

Crafting an identity and visual system for your brand.

Packaging Design

Crafting how your brand looks and feels IRL in a customer’s hands?


Can your product tell a story in a way that nobody has before? We can draw it

Web Design

How does your brand story translate onto the internet? Your Digital HQ!

Art Direction

How can you make an impact across platforms? Photos are everything.

Event Design

What kind of experience can be created in a live setting?

Brand Launch

How can your brand create impact when it goes live? People > Audiences
Industries we work with
HEALTH & Pharma