Oswal Publishers

Visual Identity
A publishing house dedicated to put the need of the new-age student at it's forefront.
Oswal Publishers is a brand dedicated to offering high-quality, simplified, and accessible exam guides. Utilizing a diverse team of in-house experts, their focus remains on delivering top-notch guides across various subjects. With their new rebrand, they strive to stand out in the market by directly engaging with students and teachers.

The brief

  • To help them develop a unique look that sets them apart from their direct competitor Oswaal Books
  • Lack of a strong coherent branding system.
  • Main purchasers are young students who buy based on recommendations from their peers and seniors.
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The strategy

  • To develop an identity that resonates with younger audiences - ages 14-18 - the brand’s primary target group.
  • To position Oswal Publishers as the top exam resource amongst its competitors.
  • To create a brand system that translates seamlessly across print, online and in store.
  • To keep the brand’s promise as legacy publishers relevant through a system that appears youthful and up-to-date.
An expansive brand system, unique yet relevant to the publishing market.

Our vision is to build an ecosystem reminiscent of the revered Gurukuls, offering focused and superior educational content to empower learners in their life journey.We want to create a home for those who seek to seize the abundant opportunities available to them.

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A contemporary cover system that also screams 'back-to-school!'

Following the dynamic approach, we treated each book title as a sub-logo within the brand. This allowed us a lot of room to play and create various type lockups that informed the look of the book! Using the dog-ear to mark the books creates a strong system of identification and consistency for the brand. Keeping the aesthetic of the book covers dynamic, we used bright colours and various type lockups for books to create a dynamic yet unified system that remained fresh across the books without looking repetitive.  We achieved this by mixing photography, illustration and pattern.

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A legacy brand made relevant to today's students.

The brand's refresh has brought in a new wave of personality across a range of book covers and communication systems, encompassing both print and digital platforms. This seamless integration of playful elements has positioned Oswal Publishers as not only relevant but also trustworthy among their primary target audience and continues to captivate audiences of all age groups.

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Ananya Tantia


Aishwarya Khoche
Revati Mathur


Sid Jalan