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Global snacks that give your taste buds a case of wanderlust.
Sabio Snacks started out to bring the best of the world to India in the form of delicious snacks. Starting out with authentic pretzels from the USA, they plan to bring Italian Foccacia, Dutch Stroop Waffles among other snacks to our supermarket shelves. Their request of tying their passion for travel to their love for authentic snacks took us on a journey together through all themes – travel, food and design to arrive at solutions that helped establish the brand’s vision and language seamlessly across identity, print and packaging.

The brief

  • Introduce global snack flavors to India, tying travel passion to authentic snacks.
  • Create a brand identity and packaging system that reflects their vision of bringing the best of the world to India.
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The strategy

  • To create an impactful pack, we used the idea of personifying American cities to tie them into the various flavours the pretzels came in. Cheese Pizza for Chicago (Chi-town),  New York is ALWAYS a classic, Brown Sugar Cinnamon for Los Angeles, considering this was their star flavor.
  • Each piece, whether it be the back of pack or a digital creative, echoed the familiar aesthetics of travel thus creating a uniquely cohesive brand experience.
Eat Sabio, Eat the World

In order to create a brand that merges the reliability and standard of food with the concept of ‘eating around the world’ we combined the wordmark ‘Sabio’ with a circular element that acts as a stamp, defines the globe and can quite literally be used as a callback to the brand’s tagline ‘eat the world.’

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To make Sabio more engaging we embarked on a journey to weave the essence of travel into its touch-points.

We designed packaging that not only captivates Gen Z with its fun and engaging elements but also effectively preserves the premium essence of the brand. In our concept, each city serves as a unique backdrop, seamlessly connecting the flavor of our pretzels to the cultural and tourist attractions of that location. 

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The thank-you cards take the form of postcards, invoking a sense of wanderlust. To add a touch of authenticity, postage stamps become delightful stickers, the back of pack echoes a luggage tag so familiar to travel; a playful nod to the tradition of marking one's journey.

Further, art directing the brand’s product shoots to reflect its ethos was  an integral part of building out the Sabio experience. This thoughtful and thematic design approach has been an attempt at cultivating a brand atmosphere that not only communicates Sabio’s identity but also allows the audience to embark on a travel experience with every interaction.

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