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A dips & sauces brand that encourages you to play with your food.
Curio is an Ahmedabad based dips brand making fun dips in yum flavours. Originating from the Jhabua region where they source their primary ingredients from, they set out to carve and create an identity for themselves by going to their hearty roots in Madhya Pradesh and calling attention to the Bhil community by adapting elements of Bhil Art into their packaging.

The brief

  • Our role was to refresh their brand and packaging, along with the art direction of their brand shoot.
  • A way to showcase their fun and innovative flavours like Bhut Jolokia Salsa, or Gunpowder Dip, in an equally fun manner.
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The strategy

  • Curio is a brand for people who think food is fun! It’s meant to be messy, playful and not to be taken too seriously. It brings people together; be it for eating or cooking with.
  • With unique products such as a Gunpowder Dip, and a Bhut Jolokia Salsa – @grabcurio  stands for experimentation!
  • What’s more playful, experimental and inclusive than GAMES? A logo that falls like puzzle pieces, packaging that is created from games. Each range of products was assigned a category of games. Paper games for the tomato products, board games for the emulsified dips
Our goal was to create a playful and memorable logo.

The logo is designed to playfully incorporate the squishy, scraggly drops of drips, as if we are crafting the logo using the dips themselves.

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Food brings people together, and so do games. Whether through game nights or the shared joy of preparing and enjoying food, these activities foster connections.

Games and food serve as a means for people to connect, transcending age, gender, and ethnicity. To convey the fun and playfulness of this idea, we chose to represent each dip as a game. For us, the experience of tasting these dips is the same as playing a game -  the ups & downs, the twists & twangs, where you, the consumer, are always the winner.

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Photoshoot Art Direction

When it came for art directing the photoshoot for Curio, we decided to expand on the concept of games. The photoshoot consisted of two parts: the flat lays and the lifestyle shots. The lifestyle shots were a lot of fun, with each flavour featuring elaborate setups that included games and various props. For the flat lays, our goal was to showcase the mind-blowing flavours and the freshness of Curio dips. We achieved this by creating shots for each dip that displayed their ingredients, game pieces, and the dips bursting out of the bottles.

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Ananya Tantia

DESIGN & animation

Aishwarya Khoche

Srinwanti Sarkar


Ananya Tantia
Aishwarya Khoche


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