Team Animation


Ananya Tantia

Founder & Creative Director

Our founder and creative director, Ananya Tantia is a multidisciplinary designer with a combined background in Industrial Design (RISD, 2011) and Graphic Design (Parsons, 2016). After working around India & the US for 5 years, she started 9133. The studio is an amalgamation of her love for the third dimension with her passion for paper and print.

Aishwarya Khoche

Senior Graphic Designer

Aishwarya is a graphic designer based out of Pune, India. She likes designing everything digital and print. When she is not designing (or doomscrolling) she likes cooking up dinners, planning drawing parties and looking at pretty sunsets. Much like the studio, she tends to keep a collection of artworks and knick-knacks in her home studio!

Revati Mathur

Senior Graphic Designer

Whether it’s in the serenity of a sunset or surrounding herself with colours, Revati finds pleasure in the simplicity of life. She is always on the look ways to embrace the ‘random’ in her work, and life! You’ll often find her exploring the hottest food and drink places in town. Alternatively, she might be unleashing her free spirit on the dance floor!

Shachi Parikh

Graphic Designer

Based out of Ahmedabad, Shachi is a design generalist that likes to blend boundaries between work and play. She enjoys baking and indulges in activities like dancing & strength training. She loves exploring the intersection of food and nutrition, so hit her up for the lowdown on tasty and healthy eats!

Arunima Nandy

Studio Manager

A true Calcuttan at heart, our Studio Manager has a knack for everything old-school- from soulful retro music to antique houses. When it comes to food, fish and mishti tops her list! During her quick breaks from team management and video-calls, she finds solace in the aroma of flavoured teas or coffee in the studio’s kitchen.

Ankita Nair

Junior Graphic Designer

A graphic designer from Bangalore. She is a small, energetic soul who might seem calm in the morning, but watch out, because her excitement truly ignites after lunch! When it comes to dessert, this creative soul is your go-to companion. Passionate about sports, she finds joy in both football and skateboarding.

Dhwani Shrivastava

Junior Graphic Designer

Dhwani, a graphic designer from Hyderabad, loves publication design and branding. She expresses herself through visual storytelling, enjoys timeless classics, and loves exploring the city on her bicycle. Fascinated by films, she constantly expands her cinematic horizons across languages and eras.

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