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Ananya Tantia

Full-time Therapist, Part-time Designer

Our founder and creative director, Ananya Tantia is a multidisciplinary designer with a combined background in Industrial Design (RISD, 2011) and Graphic Design (Parsons, 2016). After working around India & the US for 5 years, she started 9133. The studio is an amalgamation of her love for the third dimension with her passion for paper and print.

Other than being a design enthusiast and a branding aficionado, she is also an occasional painter, a travel junkie and a food fanatic. Most times you will find Ananya at a physical or virtual meeting doling out advice she rarely follows, drinking copious cups of black coffee in a black ceramic cup and finding innovative ways to consume sugar while trying to eat healthy. She comes bearing gifts each morning that range from test-prints to packaging mock-ups and hazelnut chocolate jars and elaborate lunches.

Srinwanti Sarkar

All Rounded Ninja, Better than Adobe’s Helpline

Based in Kolkata, abbles in graphic design and animation with her super sonic speed. Illustrations being her mainstay, she likes to collect Photoshop brushes that she never uses. A pro in making mock-ups and a reliable friend to us and Adobe, she is our go-to person for anything and everything.

As she's belting out work, Srinwanti drinks from large mugs of tea and loves to read fiction when not working. A connoisseur of where to find the best masala chai, lebu cha, and all types of tea, she can take you on a walking tour in and around our studio and Kolkata.The studio is her sweet space where she hops from her desk to the bookshelf to the water kettle!

Aishwarya Khoche

Planned Perfectionist, Sticker Hoarder & Laughter Factory

Aishwarya is a graphic designer and illustrator from Indore, living in Pune. She likes drawing people and type in her sketchbook, reading new fantasy novels and downloading new fonts which she tells herself she will need one day. She loves to experiment with new restaurants and food, where she can draw from on weekends.Working remotely, she's created a small workspace with the art she has collected over the years, a parallel to our studio!

Even though our daily interactions are remote, we can hear Aishwarya’s laughter through our studio on most days!In her free time find her either reading about mental health, hoarding stickers from group chats, reading about productivity, or trying to learn a new skill.

Anvita Tekriwal

Illustrator Extraordinaire, Resident Sticker-Maker & Peddler

Apart from exploring Graphic Design, our youngest designer, Anvita likes to illustrate vibrant pictures as well as comics. She can usually be found drawing on her iPad in our studio corner with an old Bollywood movie playing in the background.When not working, she loves to doodle in her journal, write poems, DM brands and celebrities on Instagram and come up with hilarious puns (even if it’s just for herself)!

If asked what deep thought she is lost in, don’t be surprised if it’s about her nextsandwich and what it’s going to be like.

Anusha Nawalgaria

In house Gen Z & Social Media Expert

Jumping in from knitwear to graphics, love for creating digitally has made her touch a number of points in the realm of design. A LEGO’s kid who likes to work with colorful objects and create out of the mundane - bit by bit, she’s also excelling at pixel art and animation

A maker of schedules and to-do lists, she likes to keep things organised. In her little green notebook she documents and draws, makes lists and notes while struggling to keep up with them! Her love for tender coconut, small dysfunctional bags, Chinese food and iced lattes is above all. She is full of stories about family road trips, Bollywood buzz, food and adventure.

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